Who said tadpoles are just for kids?

If someone had told me just how challenging the entrepreneurial path would be emotionally, spiritually and financially at the commencement of my journey seven years ago, I think perhaps I would have thought much harder and longer before taking the plunge. Perhaps foolishly I did not, or more precisely, in my usual na├»ve positivity I figured I’d be capable of answering ANY challenge, great or small. Ha!

Thankfully I am surrounded by people who have a great deal of love for me, endless suggestions of usable ideas, and perhaps most importantly are either pretty frank in their feedback or simply have wonderful perspective. Their guidance, feedback, acceptance and support for my journey has been nothing short of amazing, which I am eternally grateful for.

I also am lucky enough to live extremely close to a number of beautiful Nature Reserves.

Visiting these natural wonders has without doubt been one of my greatest finds over the last few years. Not only to clear my overflowing head when confusion reigns supreme, but to re-ground me and remind me of the simple things that life has to offer – everything just seems less complicated when I return to nature. 

Don’t you remember how cool it was to find tadpoles in creeks and smell moss at the base of a tree when you were a child? Well I can assure you that the calmness and beauty of these experiences do diminish over time. 

So my suggestion to you next time you need to clear your head or need space from everyday life pressures: find one of Australia’s local Council Reserves and spend an hour in nature. You will be amazed by how your view on the world lifts.


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